write 600 to 700 words reflection about my group project which is university of Arizona campus health. ill upload the instruction so follow it. and ill upload the essay so you can read it and get the idea about the project. please read the essay and the small paragraph before start writing.

and this is a reflection to tell you how i felt about the project:

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  • Working in a group is not easy especially when you are students. Everyone has their own schedule and it is hard to find the right time to work together. Not only time managements was hard but the different in our writing skills was very significant between us. Shaylee and Sam are good writers and faster than me. They are faster in typing and faster in writing their ideas in a well written form. Unlike me, I am an international students, and I am very slow when it comes to writing. However, I learned a lot when I did this project as a group. Even though my teammates were better than me, they also inspired me to catch up to them. They made work harder in order to finish the work by the time they are done with their parts. I learned new way to introduce ideas in my writing and ne phrases that I never used in my writing before. I was afraid of working in a group because I thought that my teammate would be much better than me in their writing style that I would not even understand it. However, it turned out that working in a group is not bad at all. Also, I think that if we did not worked in a group, the project would be more difficult to complete. I am really happy that I worked with Sam and Shaylee, and I would like to work with people like them in the future.
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