I already have a couple summary (4 pages), please include all the summary I provide, you may change the order for the summary and add some sentences between them, but do not change any of the information from the summary. If you have to change it please let me know first.

Analytical Report, Length: 6-8 full pages

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Style: APA Format


In an analytical report, you must carefully examine a topic or an issue to fully understand it. For this assignment you will explore the United States Constitution, and its significance in the U.S. development.

Putting it Together:

Start with a background paragraph that will prepare your reader to understand your further explanations. Formulate a strong thesis statement

Make sure it is clear, concise, and very specific. Avoid empty sentences and overly generalized statements.

Develop your main idea in several paragraphs with clear and logical transitions between them. You

may use definitions, comparison and contrast, providing examples, the analysis of cause and effect.

Choose any or all of the mentioned strategies to achieve your goal. Remember that each paragraph in

the body should cover only one main point. This will make it easy for your readers to understand you

and will make your essay sound well-organized. Do not forget that each paragraph must be logically

connected to the thesis statement in the introduction. Remember to integrate the sources you use. Your

essay should not consist of quotes, summaries, and paraphrases. It should be YOUR writing with

sources used to exemplify, support, and develop YOUR ideas.

Wrap up with a conclusion. You may remind the readers of your main argument, revisit your main points, and/or reflect on the issues

you discussed, but make sure not to repeat the exact wording you already used in the introduction and

the body of the paper. You should also avoid starting a completely new point in the conclusion.

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