you will prepare a 6 page double-spaced paper using APA style for format and references. Your paper should also have headings that include an introduction, headings your discuss and a conclusion. Be sure to cite sources properly throughout your paper using APA style. End with the references used for your paper.

  • Start by discussing leader’s self-knowledge and awareness
  • In your paper, describe why leader’s self-knowledge and awareness are important for effective global leadership. Using the research, provide examples to illustrate ways that the skills, knowledge and competencies are used in practice.
  • Keep your opinions out of the paper. Rather, use the research to build a business case in defending your stance.
  • Use Times New Roman 12 point font and be sure to use APA style for each of the following elements

Self-knowledge and awareness (prior to leading others you must first lead yourself by being aware of your values and beliefs. Understanding your beliefs and knowing where they might differ from others’ is critical to global leadership. Without this key characteristic, you will not be able to adapt to and tolerate the deep-seated beliefs of others).

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The reference must be the journal articles , so you should have at least 3 journal articles that relate to self-knowledge and awareness as the references.

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