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MLA Format

No outside source should be used.

Tell me in writing precisely what that passage means in the context in which it is presented,

Take the passage below and form an interpretation of it based on the context in which it appears in Plato’s Republic.

“I think all such poetry is likely to corrupt the mind of those of its hearers who do not have the knowledge of what it is really like as a drug to counteract it.” (Republic 595b)

interpretive Paper Evaluation Criteria

Did the paper engage the quotation directly and in the appropriate contwxt?

Did th paper interpret the quotation correctly or plausibly?

Did the paper avoid falsehoods?

Did the paper avoid extraneous, non- interpretative material? Did it stay on topic?

Was the prose clear and concise ( as opposed to vague, muddled, wordy, etc)

were quotations and citations used properly? was paraphrasing sufficient? Was the paper sufficiently long?

Suppose that you are teacher and you want explains it to student in terms of your perspective.

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