Business 150 The country chosen is Asia and Product is Coffee

Week 3 – Writing Assignment 2

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Read assignment directions completely before doing your research and writing.

WRITING Assignment #2 – Your Country Part A: Your Proposed Product (or Service) – Knowing your product, knowing your country

  • Purpose: To describe, in writing, a product or service you are proposing to market, the country in which your business will exists, and the potential competitors you will face.
  • Documentation: Use a Microsoft Word or Google Document to write your paper. Do not try to submit Apple product documents. You must convert them to Microsoft Word. As students, you get free Microsoft products, including word. Look in the Student Services section of your Canvas account, or contact eLearning.
  • Research: Based on the country you are analyzing for a global business, research information related to the areas listed below.
  • Write: Produce a report that describes and answers the questions below. Word count maximum is 1200 words; minimum 800. Your citations, reference page entries, and cover page are excluded from the word count.
  • Part A will be used with Parts B, C, and D, and then to develop your final writing assignment, which is a presentation.
  • Do not use single sentence answers or bullet points, EXCEPT in the subsections noted below.
  • A “Service” business does not produce an actual, tangible product per se. Some examples of service companies are accounting firms, law firms, real estate companies, cell phone companies (the service, not the phone).
  • A great website to start with is the Central Intelligence Agency’s World Factbook. From there, you can get some basic information for most of the categories below. But you will need to dig a little deeper to fulfill this assignment.

Part A – What to research and write about for Part A

COUNTRY and PRODUCT or SERVICE – In which country will you develop and market your product or service? DO NOT select the United State OR the country in which you lived during your youth. Puerto Rico is part of the United States, so you cannot use that, either.

  • Describe the type of government and economic system in place in your country (one paragraph)
  • Describe the type of legal system that exists in your country. Write about what civil rights citizens do or do not have in your country (one to two paragraphs)
    • It is OK to use bullet points for the civil rights – but be sure to say if each right exists or does not exist
  • Describe or list the religions commonly practiced in your country.
    • it is OK to use bullet points for this subsection
  • Describe the geography (generally) of your country. (one to two paragraphs)
    • Include major ports or points of entry from neighboring countries.
  • Describe what cultural practices or beliefs might impact the success of your business in this country. (two or more paragraphs)
    • A good source for comparison of cultural factors is this website: https://www.geert-hofstede.com/national-culture.html. Hofstede’s theory is that each nation has a measurable and comparable set of behaviors that can be useful in business and other endeavors. State what your countries scores are, then reflect on what that means for your business.
    • It is fine to begin with Hofstede, but then do a little more research on your country about cultural expectations and practices. This should be a short description, about a paragraph.

***Remember, the country you select is where your business is located. You might choose to manufacture a product and export it to other countries. Maybe you want to run a small café on a beach resort in another country. The ideas for products or services are limitless.

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