Business 150

Week 4 – Writing Assignment 4

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Read these assignment directions completely before doing your research and writing.

WRITING Assignment #4 – Your Country Part B: Your Proposed Product (or Service) – Assessing the geographic and economic environment in your country

  • Purpose: To gather information on various geographic and economic factors that influence business opportunities in the country you selected in Writing Assignment A. You will connect the country’s research facts to your business product or service, and vice versa.
  • Documentation: Use a Microsoft Word or Google Document to write your paper. Do not try to submit Apple product documents. You must convert them to Microsoft Word. As students, you get free Microsoft products, including word. Look in the Student Services section of your Canvas account, or contact eLearning.
  • Research: Based on the country you are analyzing for a global business, research information related to the areas listed below.
  • Write: Produce a report that describes and answers the questions below. Word count maximum is 1200 words; minimum 800. Your citations, reference page entries, and cover page are excluded from the word count.
  • Write in prose style – that is, in paragraph form, not bullet lists. However, you may ADD tables or graphics if these help you present your information. You must write something about the table or graphic – it does not “substitute” for writing. If you do not produce these tables or graphics yourself, you absolutely must include the in-text citation and the reference at the end.
  • Remember: tie your product or service idea to the facts you discover in each area of this report.
  • Part B will be used with Parts A, C, and D, and then to develop your final writing assignment.
  • Do not use single sentence answers or bullet points, EXCEPT in the subsections noted below.
  • A “Service” business does not produce an actual, tangible product per se. Some examples of service companies are accounting firms, law firms, real estate companies, cell phone companies (the service, not the phone).
  • A great website to start with is the Central Intelligence Agency’s World Factbook. From there, you can get some basic information for most of the categories below. But you will need to dig a little deeper to fulfill this assignment.

i.Because this is part of a larger assignment, you do not need to include an introduction or a conclusion in this assignment.

Part B – What to research and write about for Part B

Research and Write About (and you are using facts, not your imagination, for all of these):

  • Geographic Influences
    • -Identify geographic (climate, terrain, waterways, etc.) factors that influence business activities in the country. For example, mountains may create difficulty and high costs in moving raw materials and production supplies.
  • Major Products and Industries: Describe the country’s:
    • -main natural resources and agricultural products;
    • -major industries;
    • -major imports; and
    • -major exports. Note that a nation’s natural resources and agricultural items are the basis for many products, services, and foreign investments.
  • Current Economic Conditions
    • -Discuss the country’s recent economic conditions related to inflation, interest rates, currency value, personal income, and employment. This data should be dated no earlier than 2014.
  • Infrastructure
    • -Analyze the infrastructure of the country with regard to availability of transportation, communication, and utilities. For example, in some countries, safe and reliable transportation could be difficult to secure.

***Remember, the country you select is where your business is located.

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