As the IWR text explains (pp. 151-2), the Buddha set forth the Four Noble Truths and Eightfold path as a process for identifying and treating the disease of suffering. For this assignment write an essay (approx 600-700 words) that not only details each aspect of the Eightfold Path under the three categories of prajna (“wisdom,”) sila (“ethical conduct”) and samhadhi (“concentration”) but also discusses how practices in each of these categories function to help cure the cravings and desires that cause suffering in life. Be sure to include, either in comments throughout the essay or in concluding section, your assessmetnt of these practices and how they have helped you better understand basic Buddist teachings.

Note: Your essay should make reference to at least one passage/section from the Dhammapada (available under “class readings”) in addition to information from the IWR text and one other reliable source. As always, be sure to cite your sources using either the MLA or APA format.

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