Readings. There are four articles for you to read. Answer the questions associated with each article.

Small, Meredith F. 1999 A Woman’s Curse. small_curse-1.pdfView in a new window

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1. What was Strassman’s functional explanation for menstrual taboos among the Dogon?

Abusharaf, Rogaia. Unmasking Tradition unmasking_tradition FGM.pdfView in a new window

2. What are some of the reasons for female genital cutting, and why would outlawing it, according to Abusharaf, have “profound social implications”?

Browne, Kari. 2007 The Fight Against Fistulas BROWNE fistula-fgm.pdfView in a new window

3. According to Browne, what is the prevailing social stigma surrounding fistulas?

Kratz, Corinne A. 2009 Circumcision, Pluralism, and Dilemmas of Cultural Relativism. Kratz – Circumcision & Cultural Relativism.pdfView in a new window

4. The arguments against female circumcision are numerous. However, what are some of the arguments FOR female circumcision?

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