I need a 100 word response for each of these short forum posts. Each one is numbered where the new one starts. It doesn’t have to be extravagant just a simple response to each one. Each response should be separated and numbered 1,2,3 & 4.

1. 100 word response

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Part I

This week I decided to write about “The Harlem Renaissance”. The first settlers of Manhattan were of Dutch origin, but during World War I, a considerable number of black Americans developed settlements in that area between 1914-1918. Many of those black people moved from the south and foreign countries. This movement pattern commenced the great migration. African Americans were influenced by this and kept on moving north from the Southern States. They kept on moving north and many settled in Chicago during the 1920s. Many of those people were moving north for better opportunities, like better paying jobs and to escape the racial injustices that were happening in the Southern States. Blacks continued to migrate to the north and eventually places like Manhattan became predominantly black by 1930. Black people at that time challenged the norms of the society based on the harsh treatments they faced. Which forced many of them to express themselves in literature and music.

Part II

“Make plain the reason tortured Tantalus Is baited by the fickle fruit, declare If merely brute caprice dooms Sisyphus to struggle up a never-ending stair” (Cullen 5-8). This made me realize the poet was trying very hard to be successful in writing. However, don’t matter how hard he tried he runs into obstacles. He mentioned climbing up a never-ending stair, which relates to how he wasn’t recognized for his work, and he could not reach his optimal goal of recognition like his counterparts.

Part III

In “The Negro Speaks of Rivers”, the poet mentioned his soul has grown deep as the river, but he then mentioned he have known rivers. I believed he used the past tense to reference that he presently does not know rivers anymore which tells he has become soulless. “The Open Boat” mentions water in the form of rapids waves. Those waves signify the obstacles and challenges we face in live and how life can be rough path to travel. Water was mentioned in “Big Two-Hearted River” as well. It represents a sense of hope, tranquility, and rejuvenation as Nick used being the river to help him ease the memories of war.

2. 100 word response

Part 1- I will be referencing “Miniver Cheevy” as it was specifically influenced by the current time and historical event that was partaking. World War 1 was under way all over Europe, the character in the bar reminiscing was a soldier in fatigues. He was fantasizing about a time long ago where uniforms and soldiers held more power and were more glorious. This made sense to me as World War One was a gruesome war to which unconventional fighting techniques were used, so it makes complete sense that during the time of World War One the character would fantasize about a different time to which he would not be a part of the current conflict. Not only was he infatuated with being higher status, I believe this plays into if he was higher or more powerful he wouldn’t be a soldier fighting a way, he would be above that and would not have to be subject to this duty.

Part 2- “Yet Do I Marvel” Makes reference to the Bible the book of Genesis, with Adam. Adam being made in God’s image, while the author believes that normal humans being made in God’s image plays into the troublesome issue that is the human race.

Part 3- “The Open Boat” Water in this writing represents the harshness that is life. As well as the meaningfulness that is control and believing that you have full control of your life and fate especially against nature making one feel inferior overall. The ocean in this case proves that life no matter what happens and what each individual can contribute to a common goal can still be diminished by one action.

3. 100 word response

In the story “Song for a Dark Girl” written in 1927 a young African American woman is heartbroken since the love of her life was lynched. During the period African Americans were still being lynched without any reason. Not only that but, those who committed the lynching did not receive punishment. During the post Civil War era many African Americans migrated to the North to have more freedom and avoid segregation laws and unequal treatment. This movement is often referred to the Harlem Renaissance .

“Make plain the reason tortured Tantalus Is baited by the fickle fruit, declare If merely brute caprice dooms Sisyphus To struggle up a never-ending stair (Cullen). This was a very impactful poem. From research and help from friends I believe the poet used his poem to ponder some of the complexity of God and the evils in the world. I believe he has the retaliation that some things in life are beyond the comprehension of human knowledge.

In “Open Boat” the mighty waves of the ocean represents the sometime unforgiving wrath of nature. In “The Negro Speaks of Rivers” the main charterers makes the following reference “Soul was as deep as rivers”. I choose this quote because I have heard before. On the surface of the river we only see the top of the water, but underneath the surface contains much more depth. Comparing the human soul the same concept can apply. What we see with our eyes is the surface, but deep down in side everyone has depth that cannot be seen with the eye.

4. 100 word response

Part I

While examining the reading the poem “Yet I Do Marvel,” by Countee Cullen published in 1925, I can see where the author was coming from emotionally especially when I related it to historical context from that time period. In 1921 the Tulsa race riots had sparked off after a young black male was accused of raping a much younger while female in an elevator. The ensuing claims sparked white rioters to search out black men and prompted the two sides to clash on an epic scale. It has been said that over three hundred human beings died in the chaos that spanned over the month of June (Tulsa Historical Society, 2017). Once I learned about this event I can see how Countee Cullen saw God’s flaws but understood God’s plan was far larger than the horrors of human existence. Cullen states “What awful brain compels His awful hand.” Showcasing and relating his personal experiences as a black poet with racism and the horrors African Americans had to live through on a daily basis. There is no doubt that Cullens work was influenced by historical events such as the 1921 Tulsa Race Riot.

Part II

In Cullen’s “Yet Do I Marvel”, he makes several references to Ancient Greece to convey his point. Cullen uses Sisyphus and Tantalus from Greek Mythology to showcase his thirst for wanting to understand the cruel side of our God. Cullen writes “Make plain the reason tortured Tantalus Is baited by the fickle fruit, declare If merely brute caprice dooms Sisyphus To struggle up a never-ending stair.” He wants to know why Tantalus is forced to eat by his never-ending hunger, and why Sisyphus was made to push a boulder up an endless slope, damned to struggle forever and always. Cullen want’s to know “What awful brain compels His awful hand,” begging to know why God makes the black man suffer so.

Part III

Langston Hughes uses the symbolic river in his poem to express the age-long struggle with slavery. The rivers used here were frequented often by slaves during the building of the Pyramids, and how Lincoln could see the harms of the slave trade during his travels to the south. The history with these rivers and the African’s hardship is long and deep.


Tulsa Historical Society & Museum. “1921 Tulsa Race Riot.” Tulsa Historical Society & Museum,

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