Below are the answers from two different students about globalization. Please write your opinion whether you agree or disagree about what they wrote. please make the rebuttal for each student both A and B be no less than 100 each. Also please keep them seperated do not respond to them in one reply (each will have a seperate reply)

Student A

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1. Debate an argument for or against globalization

The idea for an organization to expand globally can be scary. Not knowing if your product or service will be successful in other countries would be reason enough to steer away from the idea of going global. However, there are several advantages to exploring opportunities globally for an organization.

Companies that have expanded their industries to other countries have seen an increase in revenue and successful sales of their product whether it is tangible or intangible. Upon the creation of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) and the World Trade Organization (WTO), they have been able to regulate the relationships between countries that are in treaties to trade. The reduction is trade barriers over the past decades have made it easier to enter into global markets to pursue businesses with other organizations or within foreign countries. Globalization represents free trade which promotes global economic growth; create jobs makes companies more competitive, and lowers prices for consumers (Collins, 2015). Another advantage of globalization is it provide poor countries a chance to develop economically. Finally, communication and quick dissemination of information through the internet is beneficial through globalization.

There are critics who oppose globalization, but through globalization, the world has become smaller not literally but through connectivity. Globalization have opened connections through trading and communication with foreign nations for many organizations like never before. Granted, there are some disadvantages to globalization but when looking at the overall picture, I am for it.

Student B

In the great country of America many of us are hidden from the effects of globalization. Not because we as Americans don’t have access to it but rather because we are flooded with it that we can’t see any other way. Globalization is all around us and changes so many things worldwide. I believe that if it weren’t for globalization then we would only have about half the things that we have in our lives today. Globalization sparks not only an economic boost but also sparks extreme innovation. With globalization comes competition amongst other nations to be the best at producing a product. With competition comes innovation to become the best. After time many countries will pair together and be extremely efficient. Let’s say a wealthy country like America has an amazing product but lacks the cheap labor needed to produce at high volume and reasonable price. In an article written by Adam Smith Institute, this is stated, “To poorer countries globalization brings the chance to sell their relatively low cost labor onto world markets. It brings the investment that creates jobs, and although those jobs pay less than their counterparts in rich economies, they represent a step up for people in recipient countries because they usually pay more than do the more traditional jobs available there.” America must pair up with a poor country such as India to get what they need. Not only is this benefiting America but it is also being many jobs to a lesser developed country which is boosting the economy and sparking the entire cycle over again. Adam Smith Institute wrote in 2012 that “Over the course of decades’ globalization is turning the world into an integrated economy instead of what it has been for most of its history, a series of relatively isolated economies.” As many countries begin to work together they begin to build relationships in order to make business move easier and be more productive. When relationships are formed countries start to find resolutions to many underlying problems that have caused tension for many years. Over time with this process being implemented the entire globe becomes more efficient and friendly being more willing to help each other.

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