The assignment will be based on (Case 17) written by Tom McNamara and Asha Moore-Mangin (ESC Rennes School of Business, France) in Jobber and Ellis-Chadwick (2016): “Pret A Manger: Passionate About Food”

Read the case and read more widely around the company and topic, including accessing, to answer the following question:

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Q) How do Pret A Manger use their knowledge about their consumers to better understand, create, communicate and deliver customer values?

1- Introduction (150 words)


company history

exchange process

* For start up define Marketing.

* define when the company was established, history, and etc.

2- understanding values ( 450 words)

Recognise and understand the characteristics and objectives of customers:

-who are our customers ?

-what do customers purchase ?

-how are spending and store choice decisions made ?

-how do customers shop ?

-how valuable are our customers ?

-is there a framework?

3- creating values (450 words)

Once customer values have been understood a “product” should be based upon these values:

– merchandise mix – width & depth; assortments & brands; pricing policy;

– environment – design & layout, flows, merchandising & display, atmospherics

– customer care – attitude of staff, approachability, knowledge

4- communicating values (450 words)

Need to facilitate exchange by developing a common understanding and perception of the “product”

– advertising – TV, radio, print media, PR

– stores – shop windows, ambiance, internal signage and cues – the “feel” of the shop

– services – bags, warming food etc

5- deliver values (450 words)

Enabling exchange:

– availability – behind the scenes, location of product

– service add-ons – credit cards, delivery

– service activities – pre-transaction, transaction, post transaction

– people – interactions with staff e.g. attitude, knowledge, efficiency

6- conclusion (100 words)

i have attached CASE 17 which the assignment is based on.

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