Mix the three replies together and make a similar reply in your own words

1.Considering my proposal will be about how to create a proper business plan I think my best approach will be to persuade with reasoning. Although there is a lot of leeway that comes with creating a proper business plan that involves what type of business you have and what you are trying to accomplish, it makes more sense to create a business plan that is somewhat based off of business plans that have been successful in the past. With that being said think the best way to persuade with reason is to reason with examples and evidence so I can show in the proposal specific things that have worked in the past through text, facts, and data. There are countless business plans out there and there are countless articles and journals that talk about how to create a successful business plan so it will be extremely easy for me to find information on how to write a proper business plan and also existing successful business plans. I believe that all of this information will make the information flow in the proposal and also provide many different points of view that will show what types of business plans have continued to work for different types of business, while also being able to show that there are many options that can be successful when creating your business plan. Expanding on why I don’t think it would be beneficial to persuade with values, I don’t think this would be as effective because connecting with peoples emotions may give them false hope that an idea they have may work when really the facts show that it hasn’t in the past.

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2.Chapter 13 gave me some interesting insight on how to develop a persuasion strategy. First, I realized that I would like to mix persuasion with reasoning and persuasion with values. I am going to focus on persuasion with logic for the reasoning sections because there were not many facts or observations on this subject. I will go about these sections by using the if… then, either… or, and cause and effect statements. This will not be hard considering the main focus in multiple articles that I read say that “If a company does not update its technology, then it will fail.” I will mostly use the goals section of the persuading with values section. I am making the assumption that every company strives to succeed. Since failing to update technology that other firms are using will cause operations in the company to be slower and less efficient than other firms, the company will lose competitive advantage. Other companies will be more successful and in result, will cause the company to be unsuccessful. I am basing my persuasion techniques on logic and valued goals and will try to find a compelling section to illustrate facts, because I know that is important. However, it will not be a strategy that focus on because I have found very little information so far to support it. I am also going to use a technique mentioned in the “Persuading Readers Online” section. Since I am assuming the current technology is just not fast enough, I will introduce two or three technologies that can help with the problem. I am not going to overwhelm the readers with many options because that may cause the readers to stall and not go with any of the solutions.

3. Chapter 13 corresponding with the subject and context of my proposal, I believe that persuading with reasoning is the best way to convince my audience that relationship marketing is the most effective strategy to appeal to customers’ interests in hopes of creating loyal and trustful relationships with the customer. One reason why is because in hopes of persuading my audience, I may reflect on some of the costs and benefits of this marketing strategy. While relationship marketing may be difficult and time consuming, it reaps the rewards of positive word of mouth, increase levels of purchases, lower costs, and employee retention. In addition, I may provide examples and evidence from the empirical journal articles I have attained. I may mention that in one of the peer reviewed articles, the authors experimented and surveyed 200 bank customers from Ethiopia in hopes of determining the effects that relationship marketing had on customers’ loyalty. In detail, they wanted to see if the aspects of relationship marketing, these being; trust, conflict management, communication, gratitude, and commitment had any effect on the loyalty of customers. From their studies, they determined that the loyalty of customers has a positive relationship with relationship marketing. In addition, I plan to use many of the logical statements to persuade my readers that my solution is best marketing strategy.

If we begin utilizing relationship marketing strategies, then customers will instill more faith in our products and our company.

The effects of relationship marketing are clearly evident. They lead to an increase in sales, customer retention, and positive word of mouth.

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