I included some commentary on your spreadsheet for clarification. You are also still missing your t-test. If you read the addendum and understand hypothesis testing, you should see where A-CAT performed a t-test on 2006 data. However, Mittra’s operation manager states a hypothesis for 2010 data and now you should run a t-test on the new hypothesis and make a decision and conclusion based on that.

I hope this clarifies the feedback. I have given a lot of information about the analysis required and why. Therefore, I do expect every analysis to be completed and a full comprehension of what was done. You should take some time to review each announcement and attachments I’ve posted in regards to the Final Project. You should also review both the Case Study and Addendum as well.

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Robert I send here the spreadsheet with the Professor feedback!! please take a look, please let me know what you need, I have until Sunday morning to have that completed, please let me know what you need!

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