1) Go through this Underground Railroad Interactive website (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

2) Click “enter” which is in the middle of the screen under the swinging lantern.
3) You will see that you are a slave with a choice to run or to stay.
Click “yes” I want to go

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4) Take the complete journey to the end of the website where you arrive in Canada

Answer 2 of the following 3 questions but write in paragraph form. Show which questions you are answering by writing and not repeating the question and and do not number.

Questions for the written response. Answer two of the three questions

1) Describe 2 new things you learned that were not in the text of the content comments
2) What surprised you? You must show information from the website
3) Describe two new people or types of people you met on the way. You must display information from the website

Show me you viewed the entire website.
Your responses to each of the questions answered should be different.
Offer different illustrations and examples as your respond to each question.

Very simple, just go through the website and follow directions above. You only need to write 250-350 words for both the questions that you answer. so you dont need 250 words per question. and do not number or repeat the question in the answers but make sure it is obvious which question you are answering. thank you.

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