Read the following article:

Soto, J. A., Levenson, R. W., & Ebling, R. (2005). Cultures of moderation and expression: Emotional experience, behavior, and physiology in Chinese Americans and Mexican Americans.
Emotion, 5(2), 154–165.

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  • In a 2- to 3-page Microsoft Word document, address the following:
    • Use your own words to summarize the purpose and the overall findings of the article. The summary should be in 50 words.

Note: The data analysis section might be difficult to follow. Just scan this section and concentrate on the discussion and conclusion.

    • What role do emotions play in human interactions?
    • Briefly state what previous studies have discovered about the universality of facial expressions.
    • Use another source to look up the purpose of the autonomic nervous system and ethnography. Write the definitions for both using 1–2 sentences for each.
    • What do ethnographic accounts tell us about how Chinese people view emotions?
    • What does somaticizing mean? Provide an example.
    • Are the previous findings on the emotional expression of the Mexican (Latino) culture consistent? Summarize the findings.
    • Look at the participants’ subsection of the Method section. Who were the participants? Do you think that the participants were appropriate for the study? Explain your answer.
    • Summarize the procedure used in the study in 2–3 sentences.
    • Read the discussion section. Which two hypotheses were supported by the results?
    • Review the physiological part of the discussion section. What is the rationale given for the physiological findings?
    • State one limitation of the study.
    • What was the most interesting thing you learned from the article?
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