During Unit 2: Biology and Evolution, you’ll be introduced to two explanations on human origins: creation and evolution. The creation stories, such as from Genesis in the Bible that is shared by Jews, Christians, and Muslims, describe a series of events or actions over the course of six days and on the seventh day, God created the first human from the earth and then rested.

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Evolution, on the other hand, draws from the biological sciences to explain the origins of humans and other species and to account for the diversity of life on earth. If man is an animal, it seems logical to hypothesize that man evolved from “subhuman ancestors” in a process similar to other animals (Carter, 1951). Darwin’s theory of evolution claims that all species posses variations, which help them to survive in a particular environment, and then nature selects the most advantageous variations to help them survive and evolve. Gregor Mendel (1822-1884) experimented with plants and over the course of eight years, and figured out mathematically the basic laws of heredity that led to the creation of the science of genetics and the language of genes, chromosomes, alleles, genome, and deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA.

In this unit, you’ll learn how mutation, genetic drift, gene flow, and natural selection are responsible for the biological variation in human and non-human populations. Biological variation has produced diversity and adaptability to changes in the environment’s climate.


Humans can adapt to the environments they inhabit through biological and cultural means. But humans also shape their environments through a variety of cultural practices.

  1. Discuss changes you see occurring in the environment through a variety of cultural practices.
  2. Describe how you imagine humans will adapt to the changes.
  3. Post your response in the Discussion Forum Unit 2: Human Adaptation.
  4. Length should be about a page


The purpose of this assignment is to think about changes in the environment brought about by humans and how they have adapted through cultural practices.

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