Identify a business problem or opportunity at a company where you work or with which you are familiar. This will be a business problem that will used for future assignments. It should be a problem/opportunity for which gathering and analyzing some type of data would help you understand the problem/opportunity better.

Identify a research variable within the problem/opportunity that could be measured by data collection.

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Consider methods for collecting a suitable sample of either qualitative or quantitative data for the variable.

Develop an outline to describe a company, problem, and variable.

Include in your submission:

  • Name of Company:
  • What the company does, industry and type:
  • Problem at that company.
  • Why the problem is important.
  • One research variable from that problem that helps us to understand or resolve the problem:
  • The method(s) you would use for collecting a suitable sample for the variable (Note: do not actually collect any data).
  • How you will verify if the data collected would be valid and reliable data (Note: do not actually collect any data).

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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