Key Assignment Draft

Create a Key Assignment First Draft using Microsoft Word. PLEASE USE SCENTBIRD AND THE OUTLINE ATTACHED BELOW

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  • Using information developed from prior assignments as well as additional research and analysis, compile information on your selected company’s current use of digital marketing, opportunities that you can identify for improvement, strategic recommendations, and tactical recommendations into a report for the CMO of the company.
  • Please note that the Unit 5 Individual Project should incorporate feedback from colleagues and instructor to enhance material from earlier versions including this Unit 4 draft document.
  • In addition, add a section on how software will be employed to analyze information received from web-based analytical tools or others identified by research.
    • This can include but is not limited to spreadsheet analysis or database reporting as a result of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or related systems.
  • The following headings and associated content are expected:
    • Title Page
    • Table of Contents
    • Digital Marketing – Current State
    • Digital Marketing – Opportunities for Improvement
    • Digital – Marketing Strategies (Including selection of digital marketing approaches)
    • Digital Marketing Tactics (Including analytical approaches and software analysis tools)
    • References
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